Sailing apps for Pebble and Android

"Get Bearing" is a bearing compass for your pebble classic watch.
Search for 'Compass' or 'Get Bearing' in the Pebble Apps.

After starting "Get Bearing" on your pebble, you will feel the watch vibrate every two seconds.
This tells you, that "Get Bearing" has locked itself on the current bearing, which is shown with small numbers at the bottom of the display.

If you have your object sighted along the side of your pebble classic - sadly this app is rather pointless on the round pebbles - you can save the bearing with a snap of your fingers on the watch hand or by pushing the middle button.

If the compass needs to be calibrated, "Get Bearing" asks you to "Shake!". You need to turn and rotate your watch, until it reads: "Status: OK" again.

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